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If you’re like me, you’re tired of clicking on ads for neat looking resources, only to discover they are not what they appear to be. Ads for “free gifs” for instance often lead you into a subscription only site or a series of directories and top-lists, and fail to provide the promised content.

On this site you will find tons of links to great products that I have personally screened and collected.  While in some cases there may be opportunities to upgrade or enhance your products, these selected items have proven to have great value as they are, with low prices, or in many cases free of charge!  Some items even contain resale rights!  That’s right, you can use them and learn from them, then recover your money and even make a profit by  promoting and selling them yourself, with 100% of the profits going straight into your bank account!

Check back here regularly, or subscribe to my RSS feed, as I will be adding and reviewing products on a regular basis!

This weeks featured product!

The 12-Month Internet Millionaire 6-to-7 Figure Workshop
The 12-Month Internet Millionaire By Russell Brunson

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