How To Make Money Blogging!

moneyTo a newbie, the idea of writing a blog might seem like an enormous time waster!  “Why spend my time writing a free article?”  “I need to put my time into making money!”…but wait!  Besides increasing your Search Engine presence and driving more traffic to your site (2 very important side benefits of blogging), There are several ways to make money from writing blogs.

Two obvious ones are direct sales (selling your product on your site) and adsense (Placing a code on your site for Google to automatically rotate ads relating to your field that pay you for click throughs and sales).  Three other tried and true methods are lead generation, affiliate marketing and newsletter subscriptions.

Let’s look at an example of lead generation.  Assume for a moment that your blog is in the realm of finance.  You have ads on your site for a Mortgage company.  Interest rates are low and people are buying homes or refinancing for lower payments.  Mortgage and refinance leads are great, as they can potentially create tiered commissions.  Initially, when someone fills out a “free information” form, you can earn between $3 and $12 for the lead.  Then, if this person goes on to refinance or mortgage their home with that company, you could earn several hundred to thousands of dollars…all for just placing an ad within your blog post about mortgages.

Now, add to that some strategically placed ads for products that you advertise on your site.  Sign up as an affiliate through someone else’s website or through a third party such as Clickbank, and market other people’s products.  Some companies will pay you as much 75% of each sale!  That’s 10 times as much as you can make selling many hard goods from Link Share retailers!

The third method, newsletter subscriptions, works like this…You create an opt-in page or a “squeeze page” on your blog and offer a trial subscription to your newsletter. If you provide quality content and promote your blog, you could end up with hundreds of subscribers over time.  These are people who want to receive emails from you.  You then follow up with them on a regular basis (this could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)  These newsletters can then contain ads or links to other products (yours or an affiliates) that you can promote to this targeted group of people interested in your field.

Other methods that can make you money on your blog include selling advertising space directly and selling site memberships that allow visitors to access certain server-side tools.

OK, but you might say “I am not a writer, I just make a good product that I want to sell.”  No problem:

What if you could get someone else to do the writing for you for a nominal fee, or in some cases, even free?  All you need to do is to look for PLR content material that relates for your area of interest.  What is PLR content?  PLR (or Private Label Rights) content is something that someone else has written that they allow you to remarket as your own.  In some cases you might need to tweak it, combine or break up articles, or correct spelling and grammar, but the research and compilation of ideas is done for you.

You can use PLR content to make your blogging quick and simple:

You can obtain PLR content articles or e-books combine or break them up into blog posts. You find PLR material that relates to your particular area of interest. You then break that into pieces and revise some of the wording to make it distinctive. Keep in mind that search engines like Google look for unique content to index your blog and generate visitors. Simply add an introduction and conclusion, change the title, and you have a unique article.

You can buy additional PLR articles and e-books and make them available on your blog for free in exchange for someone opting-in and providing their email address to you.  This helps you to build a targeted subscribers list that you can then market to.

PLR articles can be used to write your own e-books, special reports, etc. that you can then market in a variety of ways, or use to create an informative newsletter that will hold the interest of your subscribers and allow you to market your own products or affiliate products to through an automated email campaign.  As your list builds, your income builds exponentially.  The power of blogging combined with PLR products cannot be overstated.

Great PLR content for nothing is a reality after all

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about Private Label Rights (PLR) content. I used to think that it was only for lazy people who didn’t want to do their own writing. But as I learn more, I’ve come up with lots of great ways I can use PLR in my own business.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, PLR is content that you get from the original author along with their permission to use it as your own. So you can get a great report, put your name on it and have your own product to sell or give away!
The first couple of products I created using PLR only took me about half an hour. There have been a few sales so far from them so that was definitely time well spent.
When searching for PLR content to use, I found there were a lot of different types of sites available. Some offered monthly memberships and others offered just one time purchases. So be sure to look around before you decide where to buy.

The site I found that was by far the best was PLRWholesaler. Not only do they have an unbelievable amount of content, but it’s completely FREE. Most sites charge an arm and a leg for the amount of content that this guy is giving away.And although I haven’t been through everything yet, what I have read is very good quality. It’s stuff you would actually want to use as your own.Since it’s free, I highly recommend that you check out PLRWholesaler and see if they have anything that you can use in your business. There just may be an ebook or audio recording that you could quickly brand with your information and start selling to your list.Check it out and let me know what you think…     


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