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TIME IS MONEY! -Save Some of Yours and Read This:

How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time is something everyone claims they lack, and yet if we were all a bit more efficient as we went about our day, we would have plenty of time to do the things we needed. Are you someone that feels time is a constant challenge? Something that attacks you rather than something you attack? The number one problem people have when trying to succeed, carry out job tasks or just get on with their day is finding enough time to do everything they want to in the short time they feel they have available. This usually is a result of their lack of skill in managing time.

Do you fall into any of these categories?
1. The Procrastinator – Waits until the last minute to accomplish important tasks; often forgets tasks; submits assignments late; may arrive to events late; often find you make excuses for your tardiness; seldom plan ahead for events or activities in the near future. 

2. The Overachiever – Multi-task oriented; usually takes on too many activities and finds they can’t complete any with great skill or ability; finds they frequently have to cancel or are running late or staying up too late at night to finish tasks or assignments (or other duties as assigned). 

3. The Yes Man/Woman – You take on too many roles and find it difficult to say no; you often find you are stressed and frustrated; you consistently have time to tend to others needs but not your own. 

4. The Indecisive – You find you have a difficult time choosing between choices; you often start projects but leave them for others; you find you have little direction and don’t know what the next best step is; you often rely on others to make decisions for you; you “waste” time by not taking the time to take an affirmative position on issues that are or are not important to you. 

There are many subtypes of each of these main types. All of these time waster descriptions have common traits. Some include the following: 

 Fail to prioritize
 Fail to set goals
 Have difficulty deciding the right course of action
 Live with too much stress associated with lack of time
 Tendency to wait or procrastinate before accomplishing tasks
 Failure to pay attention to details
 Lack of ability to ask for help or delegate 

Don’t feel bad if you share any of these common traits. The good news is with a bit of coaching you can overcome bad habits and adopt good habits. Now that you have some idea of what your time triggers are, it is time you learned how to save time: 

 Time Management Strategies for the Time Challenged


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